Local Moves

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Long Distance Moves

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Residential Moves

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Pre-Trip Truck Inspections

Safety is our number one priority at Thousand Oaks Movers. We36 

are here to provide a safe and efficient move for you and your 

family. Our highly trained professional movers are trained 

thoroughly in safety rules and regulations; they are also trained in 

truck inspections. This is one of the most important steps we take 

prior to starting out moves for the day. We must ensure that our 

fleet is safe and undamaged prior to going on the road with them. 

This is to protect our customers, customers’ belongings, staff and 

any other individual that may come in contact with our trucks. 

Prior to starting our moves of the day, we strictly follow this 

checklist to ensure our trucks are safe and ready for the day. The 

checklist includes: 

Back-up Lights  
Turn Signals 
Windshield Wipers  
Body Damage  
Lift/Ramp Operation

Thousand Oaks Movers . follows all required guidelines to ensure 

safety for its employees and the trucks on the road. Safety is our