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How to pack efficiently to move your things in to a storage unit – 
Moving your things in to a storage unit may seem to be a difficult moving to_a_storage
task because you may have to get in to your storage unit once a 
month or a few times a year. If you take your time in packing and 
organizing, you can utilize your storage unit to your advantage. 

Step One – Planning what items to pack and store – 
Identify items to be packed in boxes and stacked in storage
Prioritize boxes that you will utilize most often, mark these boxes so they can be placed near the front of the storage unit

Step Two – Packing with a plan – 
Making the extra effort on the front end of the packing side will make an extreme difference in the outcome of the move.
Be sure to use boxes and/or plastic storage containers to store items, do not use plastic bags as this can trap moisture and cause mildew.
Use bubble wrap to secure fragile items, paper will do but bubble wrap can be used repeatedly and is a cleaner wrapping tool, also it is transparent making it easy to identify what is wrapped.
Packing tape; be sure to have plenty of packing tape. Don’t underestimate how much tape you will need, this is a common mistake. 

Step Three – Choosing the right size unit – 
Determining the size of the unit can be simple, determine the amount of square footage of belongings you have once boxed up, and then determine what size units they offer.
No one wants to pay for extra storage space, however you want to be sure there is enough space to move around. 

Step Four – Loading boxes in to the moving truck – 
Mark all boxes accordingly. 
Load boxes in to the truck as you want them unloaded in to the storage unit.
Load items that you want near the front of the unit on to the truck first, making it easier to unload the truck. 

Step Five – Unloading in to your storage unit –
Arrange items in to the unit efficiently according to your needs.
Stack furniture and boxes nice and neat, for easy access.
Load items, while leaving small aisles or spaces to be able to access all boxes. 

Although, this may seem like a lot of planning, this will make accessing your belonging easier and less frustrating. Follow these steps, and you will be satisfied with your storage move and accessibility.