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Moving Contract


On the move day your moving company is required to provide you with a moving contract also known as a Bill of Lading or Freight Bill.

The bill of lading serves as the receipt for the goods and the contract between you and the mover for the transportation. As a general rule, the customer signs bill of lading on the morning before movers start work, at that time you will select valuation option and the declare the value of your shipment.

Bill of lading is a key document since it contains essential information, such as terms and conditions of the agreement between mover and shipper, as such it is a contract between the parties involved.

Bill of Lading includes a valuation section, which establishes the liability level of the mover in case of loss or damage to goods.

Bill of lading serves to:

  • Identify the mover,
  • Specifies when move will take place,
  • Final destination of shipment,
  • Any additional stops for pick ups or deliveries,
  • It will also specify the payment for charges.

Bill of lading is only partially complete at the time of pick up. As the total time of the move or the weight of the shipment will be determined later after the labor has been performed or the truck has been weighed.

A copy of bill of lading or freight bill must accompany shipment at all times, while in mover's possession. The bill of lading must be in driver's possession after the shipment has been loaded and right to the point it is delivered to customer. Moving company must retain a copy of the bill of lading for at least 12 months.

Here is a copy of California bill of lading

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