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Local Moves

Thousand Oaks Movers is bonded and insured company. Local moves are our specialty.

These are moves with a radius of under 100 miles. Our company has been helping residents and business customers of Southern California for many years.

Local moves are commonly charged by hourly rates. Hourly rates are dependent on the amount of workers involved in the job and number of trucks. Choosing the right team of movers is one of the most important tasks in controlling the cost of the relocation.

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The final cost of the local moving service depends on various factors

Here is a list of moving teams and trucks commonly offered for different size moves:

  • 2 movers and 1 (14'- 20') truck - Studio to Small 2 bedroom apartment or a partial move (no oversized items - which may require help of more than 2 men),
  • 3 movers and 1 (24'-26') truck - 2 bedroom house to Small 4 bedroom house,
  • 5 movers and 2 trucks - Large 4 bedroom house or larger.

These are just common ranges for average size households. However in our experience we have moved households that required help of up to 4 large trucks.

To make sure that customer gets an ultimate size team our estimators have state of the art moving software which allows specialists take room by room inventory of the items. It then calculates the size of the move in cubic feet. Next step after figuring the shipments size is getting other pertinent information regarding other extra services customer may require, such as:

  • Packing and/or unpacking boxes,
  • Flights of stairs, long walks from residence to truck,
  • Shuttle services (some of our customers live in the hills, homes inaccessible by full size trucks), require loading smaller (12'-14') truck or pick up trucks and transporting goods down to reload into the full size truck,
  • Crating of large fragile items (soft or wooden crates available),
  • Dis-assembly and reassembly of furniture,
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting appliances and electronics,
  • Hoisting of extra large items through windows or balconies,
  • Extra pick up or/and drop off locations,
  • Trash removal, etc.

Once this information is gathered the specialist and dispatch decide on the right team and the cost of the relocation. We strongly recommend for larger size moves (such as 3 bedroom residences or larger) to have a Free On Site estimate. Our specialist will observe the location and take detailed inventory and measurements of the items. This will help avoid moves that may require a help of more movers, multiple trips, and in some cases multiple day relocation. This inconveniences customers and breaks the schedule of the company and is unacceptable for reputable company!

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Our estimators are experienced professionals that perform hundreds of on site estimates monthly. They are responsible for selecting the right size team and calculating a guaranteed cost for customer.

After customer receives on site estimate they can budget the move and if have time may make adjustments by doing some of the preparations themselves. Most common controllable costs are packing/unpacking boxes, disassembly/reassembly of furniture, disconnecting/reconnecting appliances and electronics. The other services should be left to professionals.

Our office staff will work with you and your budget to work out all details prior to the move date. There will be no surprises on the move day!

Our movers have many years of experience in local relocations. They are knowledgeable, polite, and will be aware of the tasks provided to them by our office staff. Movers will have the right size truck with necessary equipment to ensure the move goes smoothly and according to plan. They have high expectations of customers satisfaction. Our movers are proud of their jobs and the company they represent. They are well compensated for the quality work and in addition get bonuses for receiving positive reviews from happy customers.

Thousand Oaks Movers has a zero tolerance to alcohol or drug abuse. We are all involved in a state Drug Free Workplace Program. All of our employees have gone through prehire drug testing and also have random monthly tests.

Thousand Oaks Movers are enrolled in safe workplace environment program. Our employees go through safety training and are provided with necessary tools to keep them safe with their day to day operations.

Thousand Oaks Movers have been making deliveries anywhere in California 365 days a year. Our workers will not stop until the job is complete or the customer asks them to. We are always ready to work around your schedule. Make your reservations any time of the day, if you need to make changes to your reservation it is OK with us, all we require is ample amount of time to make proper arrangements. Please discuss your situation with our representatives and they will make it happen.



Our clients have excellent questions FAQs about  

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-  How to pay for a move?

-  How to file a claim?

FAQs page has most detailed & honest answers.

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