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Inventory of Property


Your movers must inventory shipments that are not going to be delivered the same day. This means that all long distance moves, and shipments going to be held in mover's warehouse or on the truck for a period of more than one night must be inventoried. There is no extra charge for this service. Local moves are charged hourly and the shipment is delivered the same day. Therefore, taking inventory will take extra time that would be counted as part of relocation and will add cost. However, a customer can request mover to inventory their shipment during a local move, as long as customer understands of the additional time and cost associated with it.

The mover will prepare an inventory of the shipment at the time of the move, prior to loading the truck. The purpose of writing an inventory is to make a record of the existence and condition of each item.

After the inventory is complete, both you and the mover must sign each page. Before you sign it, it is important to make sure that inventory lists every item in your shipment and that the entries regarding the condition of each article are correct. You can point out any discrepancies you find to the mover, and if you don't come to an agreement you can make notations of those items. You may even take pictures to attach to your inventory file.

Each article will be assigned a numbered sticker. The number on the sticker will be represented on the inventory report. As items are offloaded from the truck and are being unwrapped, they should be immediately inspected and any damages or losses discovered should be noted on the inventory pages again. This will not constitute the claim, however this will help when or if you need to file a claim.

At the time of the delivery if there are new - move related damages or lost items, you will file a claim. The notations on inventory report and your pictures will later will give you an ability to dispute any rejections.

The copies of inventory pages should be retained until the delivery. Your mover will keep the originals.


The form has dozens of descriptive symbols of possible condition of household goods..

invent 001

Descriptive, Eception and Location Symbols help to describe the condition of the article.

Very commonly used obriviations:

PBO - Packed by owner

CP - Carrier packed

SW - Stratch wrapped


Inventory Symbols


# 4 - Large Box - PBO (packed by owner), CU (Condition Unknown)

# 5 - Work Bench1 - CH (chipped), ST (stained), F (faded), SC (scratched), D (dented)

# 6 - Work Bench2 - CH (chipped), SC (scratched), F (faded), D (dented)

# 7 - Small Box - PBO (packed by owner)