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How to move your mobile home -  

Moving your mobile home may seem easy enough, but there are mobile home

many steps that need to be accurately followed to ensure that 

moving your mobile home is safe and efficient. Moving your 

mobile home can be very costly; however here are some helpful 

hints to help keep that cost down. The cost can become very

high if you do not make the proper arrangements and notifications 

prior to your move. Be sure to properly terminate your lot lease, 

most mobile home parks require a minimum of 30 day notice. 

Every mobile home park will have different rules and regulations,be sure to read your signed lease thoroughly and

ask for a detailed explanation on what you will need to do to avoid any fees prior to your move date. 

Begin by removing the skirting around the home that blocks the chassis, although the skirting is easily remove,

you want to be very careful not to damage the tracking that holds the skirting in place. This tracking can be

difficult and slightly expensive to fix.Next you will want to be sure that all utilities are properly shut off. 

This project should be carefully organized with your service providers such as, you gas and electric company

and water providers. If you are unsure how to properly disconnect the utilities, consult with a qualified professional.

In some cases, it may be best to hire a qualified professional to do this job for you; this will prevent any

dangerous situations from occurring.

Preparing your mobile home’s interior contents is your next step,be sure to secure all loose items. Remove as

much furniture as you possible can other than the appliances.Remove all glass items and fixtures from the home,

lighting fixtures etc. Tightly secure all closet doors, cabinet doors, shower doors, appliance doors, and bedroom doors.

Pack all belongings as if you were moving from one home to another. Be sure to check, and double 

check that all loose items and furnishings are properly and tightly secured within the home.

Preparing the exterior of your mobile home for the transport is your next step.  You will need to remove and loose

items from the exterior. This includes but not limited to, satellite dish, porch lighting, and awnings, lose or falling

off siding or roofing. Be sure to secure all the siding and roofing materials prior to the move.

All other things will be completely removed from the home. However,cutting the home loose from the ground

structure, raising it,adding axels and wheels must be done by qualified professionals. 

Do NOT attempt to do this on your own, as it can be a very dangerous project. 

Moving your mobile home may seem easy enough however be sure to follow these simple guidelines to help

ensure a safe and efficient move for you home. Remember, this is your home that you are moving and by taking

all proper steps, you can be sure that your home will arrive in the new location as it was in the old location.