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Moving Equipment

Thousand Oaks Movers has all trucks stacked with moving equipment necessary to perform day to day moving operations for residential and commercial moves. There are some equipment that needs to be ordered for special jobs. Those jobs that have articles of extraordinary size and/or weight. Some of thee commercial machinery is impossible to lift off the floor with out moving equipment. Some items are so large that they don't fit through doorways, they need to be hoisted through window or a balcony. Obviously, hoisting equipment has to be specially ordered. Some hoisting may require a help of a simple hand ratchet and straps. However, items that have to go up a few stories and weigh over 50 lbs will require a help of a hoisting machine. Some apartment buildings have hoisting equipment installed on the roof specifically for moving in or out large household items. The management of the building will let tenants know of their existence so that movers can get access to it for tenants benefit.

Some of the special moving equipment

           Appliance Stove_Image_air_sled

              Appliance Air Sled

     Builders hoist

         Hoisting Gas Machine

         commercial crane_accessories

              Commercial Crane 

    Commercial move_3

           Pallet Jack

         Double Dolly

             Double Dolly With Straps


           Jacuzzi Dolly

        piano Hand_Trucks

                  Piano Double Rollers

      Freight Container_Dolly

              Container Dolly

Commonly used equipment

                    Box dolly

                        Box Dolly

                Tools Fridge_Dolly

                           Appliance Dolly

       Tools Box_dolly

            Box Dolly with Extra Stair Wheels

     Dolly 4_wheel_carpeted

                 4 Wheel Dolly


                            Quilted Blankets

          Door Jams

                    Door Jam Pads

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