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Unfortunately, moving related damages are part of relocation business. Regardless of mover's previous reputation and overall experience, no one is guaranteed against damages. Customers need to have proper levels of valuation coverage. So that in case of loss or damage to items they can file a claim, based on the value of the items, not it's weight. 

Here is what you need to do to properly file a claim.

To file a claim you must follow these steps:

1. Write a letter to the home office of your carrier;

2. List separately the lost or damaged items;

3. Note the exact amount for each separate item;

4. Give the date of your move, the pickup and delivery locations and contract number;

-  If the damage is to packed item, you should retain the box and it's contents and packing materials. This is especially important if you packed boxes yourself. Since you will have to show that bad packing was not the reason for the damaged items.

-  Providing copies of documents such as store receipts for the lost or damaged items and professional estimates for repair will speed up the process of the claim.

-  You should also retain all copies of correspondence with the mover. All correspondence should be made by certified mail. Return receipt requested, to evidence of receipt of the claim by mover.

-  Your claim should be filed, with in 9 (nine) months of the delivery of your shipment.

-  The mover is required to acknowledge claim in writing with in 30 (thirty) days. And mover must pay, decline to pay, or make a firm compromise settlement within 60 days within receipt of your claim. If some reason beyond movers control delays action for a longer time, the mover is required notify customer in writing within 60 days as to claims status and the reason for the delay and again every 30 days until the final action is taken.