Local Moves

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Long Distance Moves

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Residential Moves

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Are you prepared for your local move?

Move yourself or hire professional movers?Boxessss1


Are you faced with the question to hire movers or move yourself?

This is the first step in your local move process. While moving

yourself may seem to be cheaper, it often is not.

Often times we make this decision prior to pricing out all of the

time and equipment that is needed for a safe and efficient move.

Thousand Oaks Movers can provide excellent support and services during your local move

Packing Needs 

If you choose to hire a professional moving company, you then can decide if you want to pack

your own belongings or have the professionals provide packing services. Most individuals base

this decision on the rate that they have been quoted for their move. Providing your own packing

equipment can become costly as well. Items you may need


Various Boxes (different sizes, shapes, durability)
Packing Tape
Markers for labeling boxes
Packing Peanuts/ packing paper
Furniture Blankets
Bubble Wrap 
Being fully packed and prepared for your move is essential in executing a smooth move. 

Mail Services 

Be sure to go to your local post office with ample time to update your address.

Sometimes it may be easier to do this online, but you just want to update it

as soon as possible to assure you do not miss any important information

that is sent to you by mail.

Disposing of unwanted items

Cleaning out your storage before the move? You may find that there are items that you

have been storing that you have not used in many years and may never use or need again.

Why move these items? These items can be donated to local thrift stores to help those in need.

Most of these thrift stores have third party companies that will come pick up the items

from your home. Don’t pay to move items that you don’t need. 

These are all important things to do to prepare for your local move.